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Translational Approaches to Inflammatory Liver Injury and Repair (TAILOR 2018)


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Calgary Liver Unit
3rd Biennial TAILOR Meeting


Cal Wenzel Family Foundation
Chair in Hepatology


Translational Approaches to Inflammatory Liver Injury and Repair Meeting (TAILOR)

 September 14 - 16, 2018

 Banff Centre in Banff, Alberta



Immune-mediated inflammatory liver injury is the common pathway of liver damage occurring in most liver diseases, including viral hepatitis, toxic liver damage, autoimmune liver disease, alcoholic hepatitis, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. All inflammation-associated liver injuries are associated with well-developed and coordinated repair processes, which can lead ether to recovery or liver scarring (fibrosis).

Understanding the fundamental mechanisms involved in liver injury and repair, and defining how these directly impact patients, will allow us to develop much needed treatments for chronic liver disease.

Therefore, to examine bench to bedside approaches to inflammatory liver injury and repair we have put together an outstanding scientific program and assembled leading international authorities in the field. During this meeting liver injury and repair, from basic mechanisms through to pathophysiology and therapy, will be addressed.

An important element of the meeting will be discussions and interactions between participants and speakers which we hope will lead to collaborations and the dissemination of ideas and knowledge.



Dr. Mark Swain                                                      Dr. Carla Coffin
Hepatologist, Calgary Liver Unit                              Hepatologist, Calgary Liver Unit
Division Head, Gastroenterology                              Director, Viral Hepatitis Clinic

Dr. Kelly Burak                                                      Ms. Oksana Kuzhel
Hepatologist, Calgary Liver Unit                              Conference coordinator
Director, Calgary Liver Unit                                     Calgary Liver Unit


Mark Swain

Carla Coffin

Kelly Burak

Oksana Kuzhel


Friday Sept 14

Dinner and Talk 

7:00 pm

Dr. Paul Kubes (Calgary)

“Moving discovery science from the laboratory to the pharmacy: implications for antibiotic development”


Saturday Sept 15

A)  Macrophages as cellular drivers of liver injury and repair

8:30 – 10:00 am

1. Dr Aldo Montano-Loza (Edmonton)

“New insights into liver injury and repair in autoimmune liver disease”

2. Students Presentations

3. Dr. Craig Jenne (Calgary)

“Coagulation pathway as a driver of liver injury”


10:00 – 10:30 am     Coffee Break


B)  New concepts and approaches to alcoholic liver disease 

10:30am – noon

1. Dr. Gyongi Szabo (USA)

“Targeting inflammation in alcoholic liver disease”

2. Dr. Bernd Schnabl (San Diego)

“Role of the microbiome in alcoholic liver disease”

3. Dr. Meredith Borman (Calgary)

“Novel therapeutics and role of liver transplantation”


Noon – 1pm              Lunch


C)  Regulatory networks in immune-mediated hepatic injury 

1:00 – 3:00pm

1. Dr. Ye Oo (Birmingham, UK)

“Treg cellular therapy: ready for prime time?”

2. Dr. Claudia Mauri (London, UK)

“Modulating NKT cells in the liver via the microbiome”

3. Dr. Matteo Iannacone (Milan)

“CD8 T cells – selective killers”


4. Dr. Alex Aspinall (Calgary)

“Immunotherapy for HBV


7:00pm                Group Dinner


Sunday Sept. 16th

E)  Acute on chronic liver failure

8:30 – 10:00 am

1. Students Presentations

2. Dr. Rajiv Jalan (London, UK)

“Pathogenesis of ACLF: Basic mechanisms to identify therapeutic targets”

3. Dr. Tom Karlsen (Oslo)

Is it all in the genes? New insights into autoimmune liver disease from GWAS studies


10:00 – 10:30am            Coffee break


10:30 – 11:30 am

1. Dr. Constantine Karvellas (Edmonton)

“Prognosis and therapeutic challenges (focus on role of liver transplant)”

2. Dr. Matt Sadler (Calgary)

“Viruses as drivers of ACLF”


 Closing remarks and departures



Address and phone number:

107 Tunnel Mountain Drive, Banff, Alberta, T1L 1H5

Phone: 403-763-6712          Toll free: 1-877-760-4595 (Canada & USA)



Please make reservations by using the following link:



Long-term parking is available in two locations on campus: the underground parkade on the north side of campus and the visitor parking lot on the south end of campus.

Short term parking is available throughout campus, as noted on the campus map. Check-in is at the Professional Development Centre. Campus directory maps are located at the two entrances.


Directions to the parkade 

  1. Follow the parking signs to the parkade located below the Music & Sound Building.
  2. Eric Harvie Theatre, Margaret Greenham Theatre, and The Club are adjacent to the parkade.


From Calgary International Airport to Banff

International Airport to Banff takes approximately 90 minutes.

  1. Depart airport and take Deerfoot Trail North Highway 2.  
  2. In four km, take the exit for Stoney Trail NW heading West. Signs indicate it heads towards Banff and Highway 1. 
  3. Drive approximately 23 km and take the exit for Trans-Canada Highway 1 West (Banff).
  4. Continue West approximately 90 km on the Trans-Canada Highway 1 to the Banff National Park gates.
  5. Once through the park gates, continue 12 km to the first exit to the town of Banff.

Directions to the Professional Development Centre 

  1. Travel approximately 135 km westbound on the Trans-Canada Highway 1 from Calgary, take the first exit to Banff.  
  2. At the base of the ramp turn left and follow the road though town to Buffalo Street (5th traffic light). 
  3. Turn left on Buffalo, drive up the hill to The Banff Centre.
  4. Turn left and follow the signs to reception in the Professional Development Centre



  1. The Banff Centre campus map (pdf)
  2. A guide containing maps of the campus and the town of Banff (pdf)
  3. Map with directions from Calgary Airport to The Banff Centre (via Google Maps)



Activities in the town of Banff

Banff Centre Performing Arts program:

Restaurants in Banff

  1. Keg Restaurant & Bar Downtown

If you are looking for great steaks, friendly knowledgeable service and a really comfortable relaxed atmosphere, stop into The Keg. Read More

      2. La Terrazza Ristorante Italiano

Welcome to La Terrazza, where you can savour the amazing food and enjoy the panoramic view of the Rockies. Read More

  1. Other restaurants:





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