Telephone Consultation Services

A phone consultation service has added an additional pathway for primary care 
physicians to access GI specialist advice in the Calgary Zone. 

The telephone consultation service is not a mechanism to expedite procedures, rather is an opportunity for primary care physicians to speak to a GI consultant regarding patient management issues, or to clarify questions about Central Triage and access. This has been an effective services, with over 100 phone consults completed in the last year.

Some of the common issues addressed by telephone consultation include:

  • Helicobacter pylori resistance or appropriate antibiotic selection after a failed course
  • Follow up direction after a patient has been seen by a GI consultant, for common diagnoses such as lymphocytic colitis management, IBS, dyspepsia
  • Positive FOBT after colorectal cancer screening with colonoscopy (ie. earlier than recommended screening interval)
  • Rectal bleeding after colonoscopy (within 2-3 years or again, sooner than repeat screening interval)

Telephone consultation referral form

If you have questions about this process or would like to book a telephone consultation at your convenience, please call Wendy at Central Triage and a nurse will facilitate your appointment 403-944-6459

or email Dr. Kerri Novak


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