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The Flipped Classroom Model 

What is it?

The flipped classroom is a growing movement in higher education that forces educators to rethink the learning environment and how best to use precious class time with learners. It involves providing basic knowledge constructs in mandatory podcasts prior to class, followed by interactive sessions to reinforce concepts and enhance knowledge application.

What are the proposed benefits?

Advantages of the flipped classroom model are many, including offering learners a personalized, individualized learning experience. This is achieved by providing learning resources to address the varied learning needs of students and transitioning classroom time to engage students in the application of content, formatively assess student progress, and work individually or with groups of students as needed.

What is being done at the University of Calgary?

We plan to assess the feasibility, and student satisfaction with the flip classroom model in the first course in undergraduate medical education, and objectively assess the impact of this model of content delivery on performance.

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